Exponential Moving Average


TraderCode Technical Indicators  v.1 1

TraderCode is a library of technical analysis functions for used with Microsoft Excel. It allows you to create many types of technical indicators used in trading systems like Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Average Directional Movement Index,

Stock Screener Lite

Screen, Scan & Filter Stocks, covers over 30 stock exchange, Technical Analysis. MACD, RSI, Moving Average, CCI, Williams %R, MFI. 4 build in filters and FREE EOD Data for 38 stock exchange worldwide. Filter include Moving Average 1 Crossover Moving


Bombay Stocks  v.

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Daily Stock Picks based on 200 and 50 Day Moving Average. Bombay Stocks App is now updated for Mango Release for Windows Phone 7. Based on the feedback from current App users, we now show 100 Stock Picks (50 Up Trend and

Stockorama  v.

Stockorama 2.0 is now upgraded for Mango update! Stockorama 2.0 is now available with 100 free picks based on Moving Average. Data is updated on a daily basis. Stock picks are based on 200 Moving Average with additional 50 Moving Average data shown

Stocks 50-200  v.

Stocks 50-200 quickly allows you to get 4 key indicators about the stocks that you wish to track: 1. Last Price 2. Change in Price ($ and %) 3. 50 Day Moving Average and 4. 200 Day Moving Average The "Stocks 50-200" was created as I could not

Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in  v.2.62

Adds data curve fitting, interpolation and data smoothing functions to Excel. Functions include polynomial fits, several types of splines, and local regressions. Filters include moving average, Gaussian smoothing and median filtering.

Financial Charting Component

Financial Charting Component (standard edition) is written in 100 percent C sharp with cutting edge .NET technology. In addition to its striking visual effects, it has a variety of features including charts with pan and zooming charting features: Point

AnyChart Stock and Financial Flash Chart  v.1.1.0

AnyStock is a flexible Flash-based solution to create interactive and attractive stock and financial charts with large datasets support and great scrolling options. XML/JSON interface, technical indicators and drawings, full localization support.

BetMarket Scanner  v.1 3

BetMarket Scanner is a software tool for the Betfair market statistics collection. You can log all market information into one Excel spreadsheet and use it for future analysis.

Market Analysis System  v.1. 6. 2006

The Market Analysis System (MAS) is an open-source software application that provides tools for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis.

MobiTradeOne for FOREX.com Mobile Phones Edition  v.1 2

MobiTradeOne for FOREX.com Mobile Phones Edition is a mobile trading platform for FOREX.com clients compatible with Java supporting mobile devices.

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